Engine oil Selenia K 5W 40 Pure Energy Multi Air (5 Liter)

Product no.: AR95-6794

5 L orginal Alfa Romeo Selenia K 5W 40 Pure Energy Engine oil
Selenia K 5W 40 Pure Energy

Selenia K Pure Energy is the new, fully synthetic high performance engine oil for modern gasoline engines
. With its low ash content, it exceeds the new specification ACEA C3
and provides the catalyst optimal protection. The engine life is prolonged
Thanks to the application of innovative technical solutions such as direct injection and variable geometry turbines
which combine gasoline engines, modern low consumption and low emissions
with the highest mileage. The new petrol engines provide Sun
considerable advantages in emission control and guarantee the best handling
at the same time quiet motor.
Selenia K Pure Energy is an engine oil that has been formulated for these modern engines to

• to maximize the fuel-saving features,
• comply with the limits of pollutant emissions,
• the engine to protect against high temperatures
• Sport and the typical character to increase the turbocharger.

Detailed studies have shown that K SELENIA PURE ENERGY guaranteed by its special
additives increased thermal stability, which this engine oil
different from the previous one.
This feature along with the low viscosity at low temperatures and low wear coefficient
the product to make the optimum engine oil
with the vehicle reaches its maximum performance while offering maximum protection and
driving pleasure.
Oil change interval according to the manufacturer's specifications or maintenance indication.
Fiat - Lancia
SAE 5W-40 ACEA C3, API SM / CF FIAT 9.55535-S2 Contractual Technical F603.C07 Ref N °
VW 502.00, VW 505.00, VW 505.01, MB 229.51, BMW LL-04


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Engine oil Selenia K 5W 40 Pure Energy Multi Air (5 Liter)