Swirlrepair kit 4 Cyl. Alfa Romeo 147, 156 SW, 159 SW, 1.9 JTD

Swirlrepair kit 4 Cyl. Alfa Romeo 147, 156 SW, 159 SW, 1.9 JTD
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Swirlrepair kit 4 Cyl. Alfa Romeo 147, 156 SW, 159 SW, 1.9 JTD
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for the following Models:

Modell-TypeMotorBaujahr von- biskWPSccm³ZylMotorcodeBemerkung
Model-TypeEngineDate from - tokWHPcccyl.EnginecodeComment
AlfaRomeo 147 (937)1.9 JTD 16V10.04 - 03.1010013619104192 B1.000Diesel
1.9 JTDM 16V09.04 - 03.1011015019104937 A5.000Diesel
1.9 JTDM 16V06.08 - 03.1012517019104937 A6.000Diesel
AlfaRomeo 156 (932)1.9 JTD11.03 - 09.059312619104937 A4.000Diesel
1.9 JTD07.04 - 09.0511015019104937 A5.000Diesel
AlfaRomeo 156 SW (932)1.9 JTD11.03 - 05.069312619104937 A4.000Diesel
1.9 JTD03.05 - 05.0611015019104937 A5.000Diesel
1.9 JTD 16V Q407.04 - 05.0611015019104937 A5.000Diesel
AlfaRomeo 159 (939)1.9 JTDM 16V09.05 - 11.1110013619104939 A8.000; 937A8.000Diesel
1.9 JTDM 16V09.05 - 11.1111015019104939 A2.000Diesel
AlfaRomeo 159 SW (939)1.9 JTDM 16V03.06 - 11.1110013619104937 A8.000Diesel
1.9 JTDM 16V03.06 - 11.1111015019104939 A2.000Diesel
AlfaRomeo GT (937)1.9 JTD11.03 - 09.1011015019104937 A5.000Diesel

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What is SwirlRepair?

SwirlRepair is a repair kit for the swirl operating rod at the intake manifold:

Rather than replacing the intake manifold assembly including swirl flaps when just the operating rod is
damaged, Swirlrepair is a replacement for the worn plastic ball joint bushings of the operating

What are the advantages of SwirlRepair?

SwirlRepair is much cheaper than an exchange of the complete intake manifold assembly.
Also if the swirl operating rod has come adrift and your vehicle should not yet have recognized the
defect, a repair with SwirlRepair will still pay off quickly. Smoke is reduced for the benefit of the
engine and the environment, and also the performance increases while the fuel consumption
drops back to its usual, low level, so the expense on SwirlRepair can be returned after just a
few weeks.

Even if you should consider replacing the intake manifold assembly due to worn swirl flaps,
SwirlRepair helps as a temporary fix. It gives you time to find an affordable garage and/or
cheap parts while you can still use your car.

How does SwirlRepair work?

SwirlRepair consists of bushings made from high quality brass and stainless steel. You remove the
worn plastic ball joint bushings from the operating rod and attach the SwirlRepair bushings
with a 5.5mm key. In Addition it is sometimes necessary to drill a countersink in one of the
existing holes of the operating rod and use an extra bushing with a countersunk bolt, which is
supplied with the SwirlRepair kit. For the 20V five cylinder engine you simply use all five
bushings that are supplied. After this you just need to re-attach the operating rod to the ball
joints of the swirl flaps.

Inside the bushing you can see an o-ring, which is located in a groove. The o-ring is made from
temperature resistant material and works as a snap feature, thus keeping the bushing in place
on the swirl flap's ball joint. At the top the bushing a threaded stainless steel pin is installed,
which is used to attach the bushing to the operating rod with a stainless steel nut and spring

How is SwirlRepair installed?

Mounting SwirlRepair is easy. It just requires a bit of patience to attach the repaired operating rod as
the swirl flaps are not so easy to access, but this would be the same if you would try to
re-install the operating rod without fitting SwirlRepair.
If you prefer, you can also have SwirlRepair installed by a specialist, who should not need more than
15-20 minutes for the complete job even without any routine.
Furthermore we now also offer a complete and assembled rod, so you can simply exchange the
damaged rod with a new one.

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