Privacy Notice

After your order is completed, payment and delivery, we are bound to keep your details for tax reasons, these details are then closed to prevent any further use.
We will of course delete your details if you so wish, unless you want to retain the details for further orders.
In this case you can always call up your personal details, these you can either edit or delete, all you have to do is log in onto your own personal account and edit or delete what you want.

Orders can be made using the SSL connection (SSL, is some what slower than a normal internet connection),(is under construction).

To make shopping as easy as possible for you, we save your address (also for a short tome your order details) if you so wish, on our server. This saves time when you make further orders.
This is optional!
This means that your address is either on the server invisible for others or you give your details in with every order.
Your details are on a server with a firewall, this is run by profi's.
The data base is also secured in more ways than one.
We do not under any cicumstances keep any banking details or other delicate information on the internet!

We do of course use cookies, cookies have the saved information about your address and previous order.
This means that when you revisit our site your details will be reactivated ( depends on whether or not you have deleted the cookies from your previous visit).
You can of course delete the cookies if you so wish.

Our deliveries are always sent insured, this means should your order not turn up or be damaged in any way, you will be sent a replacement.

For further details to safety please use our contact form. Thanks!

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