Motor Alfa 159 (939) 3.2 L

8.342,10 EUR per pieces
Print product data sheetMotor Alfa 159 (939) 3.2 L
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Product No.: AT96412867
8.342,10 EUR
incl. VAT excl. shipping
Motor Alfa 159 (939) 3.2 L

incomplete engine in exchange for the following models!

Alfa 159 (939) 3.2 L

engine complete with timing belt, water pump, valve covers, oil pan, without auxiliary

This is a replacement part!
For the exchange part is a deposit value.
The deposit value is EUR 1000,00 and will be invoiced separately!
After the return of used parts, you will be credited to the deposit.
Please give us your account details!

It is to bulky goods, which is delivered by truck with freight forwarders.
The exchange part is also picked up by our transportation in the delivery package again.
This is important to ensure that there are no more liquid in the parts
and they are dry.
The shipping costs amount for the Private, and collection within Germany by
approximately 150, - EUR, you will still indicate exactly when this according to your
address calculated.

Transportation costs for foreign please inquire in advance!

We only sell quality products from Alfa Romeo, brand manufacturers, or OEMs!

Important! Please give full car details when ordering!


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